2022 LIVE Seminar look back

2022 LIVE Seminar look back
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‘Getting It Right’ Doors and Walls as a system

With the constant challenges we kept coming up against on projects and in the industry, we hosted a joint seminar with industry-leading body, the FIS, and Knauf – an industry-leading wall manufacturer.

This was to help educate the industry regarding doors and walls as a system, especially in relation to fire.  With the new Building Safety Act and other secondary legislation all coming out of the Hackitt Report following the Grenfell disaster, there is a lot to navigate through but ultimately will be a great move forward for the industry.

We had some excellent, informative presentations from Joe Cilia, technical director at FIS, Mandeep Bansal and Ian wood, technical directors for Knauf, our very own Jeff Jones, and Tom Smith, technical testing coordinator at the time.

This also created some great debate around where and when these details need to be designed and specified in the process, and how we can ‘Get It Right’ whilst still dealing with the program pressures of a project.

Selo is now running a ‘Getting It Right’ CPD through 2023, as well as Selo Academy installation training to facilitate and further this education in the industry. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or find out more here: https://selo.global/installer-training/