Simplifying bespoke and complex building methods

We provide a range of contemporary interior doorsets designed for architects, developers and contractors alike.

Contemporary interior door specialists

High performance riser doors, access panels, pocket doors, and concealed doors all with a wide range of design options and fire-safe features to enhance any interior. We are actively working towards sustainable solutions, all Selo products are made in Britain and can be found in prestigious developments across the UK in premium residential properties, contemporary apartments, hotels and office spaces.

  • Bi-directionally Fire Tested
  • Sustainable Doors & Frames
  • Made in Britain

Riser Doors

Access Panels & AOVs

Concealed Frame Doors & Pocket Doors

Construction Site Temporary Doors

The Selo Promise

When you work with Selo, you will experience real tangible value, making your life easier throughout your project. Our focus is on making your life easier.


Reduce every potential risk to a minimum

Unrivalled experience of large, complex projects and pioneering fire safety assurance.

Fire Safety & Product Testing


We have a legacy of industry-leading innovation

Our continuous development drive has lead us to the fore-front of industry innovation.

Why use Selo


Give detailed project assistance at every stage

Proven process and industry expertise to ensure everything works out as intended.

Project Assistance

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