Creating beautiful contemporary interiors

We provide a range of Riser doors, concealed frame doorsets, AOV’s – contemporary interior doorsets, designed to simplify methods and processes that have historically been a headache for architects, developers and contractors alike.

Selo’s modern internal doors give you the power to achieve the interior design and the space function that before now, you could only wish for.

Discover the finest in riser doors, access panels, pocket doors, and concealed doors that open either inwards or outwards. Selo’s contemporary interior doorsets complete and complement any interior, and they are ideal for contemporary apartments, hotels and office spaces.

Selo doorset solutions

Arriva ® & Innova ® - Concealed frame doorsets

Selo’s concealed frame doorset range provides a solution to the age-old problem of achieving a seamless minimalist finish removing the need to use architraves or shadow gaps. Concealed doors

Via ® - Access panels to conceal services

Discreet design, effective operation
Via access panels offer a lockable service cupboard that is powder-coated as standard, this can either be left or over-painted to match the surrounding décor.
Access Panels

Ligna ® - Concealed clad riser doorsets

Fully integrated riser door system
Designed to accept a range of tiles, decorative plaster or paneling finishes creating a flush, sleek finish, concealing the doors into the wall.
Clad Riser Doorsets

Una ® - Timber leaf riser doorsets

The solution for timber leaf risers
Una utilises a timber door leaf with a concealed metal frame. Made to suit custom sizes, provided as a flat-packed kit prepared for all ironmongery.
Timber Leaf Riser Doorsets

Tega - Inward-opening riser doorsets

Uncompromised accesibility
The perfect solution for when physical restrictions within the room, for example in corridors or when furniture prevents an outward-opening doorset from being used.
Inward-opening Riser Doors

Quadra+ ® Temporary Doors - Temporary Door / Permanent Frame

The contractors 'snag-free' choice
Featuring a permanent riser frame with a temporary riser door leaf and threshold protection to preserve the quality of your riser doors during heavy construction ensuring an end product with no snagging/remedial works required.

Quadra+ ® Lift Shaft - Concealed Access & Inspection Doors

Patent pending Lift-shaft Doors
Designed to meet the new requirements for Access, Inspection, and Rescue standards as detailed in EN 81-20 and EN 81-50.

Quadra+ ® - Riser Door Systems

Outward opening riser doors
Conceal those ugly riser doors and service cupboards that you never want to see. Acoustic-tested and fire-rated Quadra+ is the most complete riser doors on the market.

Enigma ® - Sliding pocket doors

Simple, strong & superior aesthetics
Create extra space and increase the functionality of your interiors using the Enigma pocket sliding door. With Visible, Concealed and Shadow gap frame options there is a look for any interior.
Pocket doors

Fuma+ ® - Concealed AOV

Safety in style
Whether high-rise residential or commercial offices Fuma+ is typically positioned in the hallways and corridors of the building, installed along with the other shaftwall services.

Quench ® Fire-stopping Protection - Intumescent mastic no longer required!

Patented solution for metal-frame doors
Our metal riser doorsets now have the option to have the Quench® fire-stopping material already fixed into place.

Tempus ® Temporary Fire Doors - Built to last

Next-generation fire protection
Maintaining compliance throughout multiple construction projects - Face-fixed for quick and simple installation and removal for relocation. Innovative patent-pending design, unique to Selo.

Concealed frame doorsets means minimalist, stylish interiors


Contemporary interior doors from Selo – the last word in modern interior door design.
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