Nulfire | Riser Door Frame Liner

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    E120 Fire Rated

The first of its kind

The only solution on the market that enables you to fit Selo’s Quadra+ Riser Door into a rigid wall when the door is to be fitted in projection from the fire compartment wall – allowing your cosmetic wall to be in line with the flush door. Nulfire™ provides a concealed solution that will allow you to stay compliant.

Nulfire Explained

The ONLY solution that enables you to fit the riser door in projection from a rigid wall and stay compliant.

Tested and Certified/ Fire-rated up to E120 allowing the doorset to be projected up to 80mm from the wall construction with a minimum opening width of 600mm.

Compatible with Brickwork and Blockwork, as well as Cast Concrete walls.

Nulfire Innovation

Wall-lining systems are non-fire-rated; this can be problematic when installing riser doors. Nulfire™ is the ONLY solution that enables you to install our riser door in projection to rigid supporting construction and stay compliant… Another industry-leading innovation.

Fire-stopping Door Liners Patent-pending design

Nulfire™ is quick and simple to fit before a Quadra+ riser door is installed. The liner is provided in a kit form for ease of transport and is installed on-site using concrete screws. Once installed, the liner is no longer visible but it remains active behind the frame, providing protection for the life of the doorset.

Quadra+ Riser Doors

Fire Rated up to E120 Tested & Certified

Tested by UKAS-accredited test laboratories to achieve an E120 fire resistance rating when used in conjunction with Selo’s Quadra+ Riser Door system. Read more about our commitment to Fire Safety from our Technical Director; Jeff Jones in his Blog post

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