Via | Access Panels

  • Sound wave
    35dB - 48dB Acoustic Attenuation
  • Icon showing fire
    E120 Fire Rated


Fire rated access panels - discreet design, effective operation

Via access panels offer a lockable service cupboard that is powder-coated as standard, this can either be left or over-painted to match the surrounding décor.

Via Overview

An extensive range of concealed or visible access panels. Depending on your specification, you can choose fire-rated or non-fire rated with lockable options. The metal access panel is powder-coated as standard which can either be left as the finish or painted over to match the surrounding décor without compromising on design. Whether a wall or ceiling access panel, you can be assured it will be manufactured to the highest standards, made from robust Zintec steel to your direct specifications and sizes.

Via System

Via access panels are fitted with a selection of hinge types to suit your requirements. The Square Key lock is concealed by a white plastic collar and plug, with the option of a touch latch to completely conceal all locks.

The ultimate hidden appearance Concealed (beaded) frame

The Via access panel is available with a beaded frame; this can be used with plaster or tape and joint systems to skim up to. This creates a smooth, even surface with the surrounding wall and creates a concealed, or ‘hidden’ access panel.

Visible frame option Picture frame

For applications where plastering and overpainting or tiling of the access panel is not required a powder coated Picture Frame may be used along with a metal-faced panel. The solid steel flange sits on the surface of the adjoining wall or ceiling creating a surround.

Via Configurations

Constructed in robust 1.2mm thick Zintec steel, Via metal access panel/inspection hatch is fitted with a removable pivot plate and either pin hinges, or continuous piano hinges. The T-key lock is concealed by a white plastic collar and plug, with the option of touch-latch to completely conceal all locks.

A range of sizes can be manufactured and customised here in the UK to suit your project specification.


Ceiling Mounted Fire
Concealed Frame Visible
Lock CAD
Type 01 Metal Budget View
Type 02 Metal 3 Way
(Cylinder option)
Type 03 Metal Touch Catch View
Type 04 Metal E60 Budget View
Type 05 Metal E60 Budget (x2) View
Type 06 Metal E120* 3 Way View
Type 07 Metal E120* Up to 31dB 3 Way View
Type 08 Metal E60 Up to 41dB 3 Way View
Type 10 Plasterboard Budget View
Type 11 Plasterboard 3 Way View
Type 12 Plasterboard E60 3 Way View
Type 14 Tiled 3 Way View
* E120 Fire-rating applies to Wall Mounted only. E60 Fire-rated when Ceiling Mounted.