Ligna | Clad Riser Doors

  • Soundwave
    32dB - 36dB Acoustic Attenuation
  • Icon showing fire testing
    Bi-directionally Fire Tested
  • Icon showing fire
    E120 Fire Rated
  • Icon showing smoke seals
    Smoke Seals As Standard
  • Icon showing air waves
    Up to Class 3 Air Permeability


Fully integrated riser door system

Designed to accept a range of tiles, decorative plaster or paneling finishes creating a flush, sleek finish, concealing the doors into the wall.

Ligna Advantages

Ligna is a fully integrated riser door system designed to accept a range of Tiles, or Decorative Plaster creating a flush, sleek finish, concealing the doors into the wall.

Performance Risers Safe & Strong

The Ligna doorset comes fully fire and acoustic rated; perfect for riser door and service cupboard situations where you want to conceal the door and need a simple, robust and neat solution.

A seamless finish New and improved design

Ligna is supplied as a pre-hung, pre-fabricated four-sided doorset with a quick-release pivot hinge ready to be fitted straight into the partition and finished with the chosen wall covering.

Plastered Configuration

Uber modern and brutally simple; raw plastered finishes are a bold design statement, riser doors don't need to be! Conceal with confidence.

Tiled Configuration

From washrooms to waiting rooms; Ligna is suitable for a wide range of tiles up a maximum thickness of 12mm - Ligna has it covered.