Rida | Metal Riser Doors

  • Soundwave
    28dB Acoustic Attenuation (Single)
  • Sound wave
    32dB Acoustic Attenuation (Double)
  • Icon showing fire testing
    Bi-directionally Fire Tested
  • Icon showing fire
    E30Sa Fire Rated
  • Icon showing smoke seals
    Smoke Seals As Standard


Stay compliant! No more warping or twisting timber doors.

Constructed using non-combustible materials; reducing the risk of uncompliant installations, achieving FD30 fire resistance and improving building safety.

Rida Overview

The perfect replacement for short-lived timber doors that warp and bow, is a strong and reliable metal riser door. Now you can purchase a metal budget riser door within the same price range as a timber riser door! Rida – The concealed riser door offers acoustic attenuation (28dB Single / 32dB Double) and are fire-rated up to 30 minutes.

The pre-hung, pre-finished, steel doorset is constructed using non-combustible materials, designed for easy installation with the option for factory-fitted fire stopping which improves building safety.


Rida Standard Sizes

Available in standard dimensions, this fire-rated metal riser door provides a cost-effective solution for high-volume applications, ensuring dependable, compliant, and secure riser access. While we provide a range of common sizes, custom sizing options are also available to meet your specific requirements – Get in touch for more information.

Single Left or Right Handed

Leaf Size 1900mm x 500mm
S/O 1922mm x 523mm

SEL-PRT-14000-1 (LH)
SEL-PRT-14000-3 (RH)

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Single Wide Left or Right Handed

Leaf Size 1900mm x 750mm
S/O 1922mm x 773mm

SEL-PRT-14000-2 (LH)
SEL-PRT-14000-4 (RH)

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Double Right Hand Active

Leaf Size 1900mm x 1000mm/1500mm (Wide)
S/O 1922mm x 1023mm/1523mm (Wide)

SEL-PRT-14001-2 (Wide)

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Rida System

Rida cost-effective, concealed riser door is a complete, fire-tested door set system. Once installed, Rida can be plastered or tape and jointed up to the integral stop-beads, creating a perfectly flush profile with the wall. As a pre-assembled door set, installation is less dependent on skilled labour. The Rida metal riser door set can be fitted faster, easier and more accurately than traditional timber doors, reducing the risk of snags from poor workmanship.

No more warping timber doors! Reliable metal riser doors

Timber doors twist and warp in differing climatic conditions causing them to become non-compliant. The Rida riser doorset is constructed from metal, making it your perfect compliant solution. The metal concealed doors require little to no maintenance removing the headaches of remedial works associated with timber doors

Factory assembled For guaranteed quality control

A faster, easier and more accurate installation than traditional timber doors as a result of the pre-assembled Rida metal doorset. The ‘dead-matt’ finish is designed to be painted with wall emulsion. No masking or special paints.

Quench® Fire-stopping system The new standard for fire protection

Rida is compatible with the Quench® fire-stopping material. If specified, the intumescent strip can be pre-fitted into the riser door frame for a faster, safer installation. This removes the potential fall risk and hazardous working environments when traditionally fire stopping with intumescent mastic. It also assists in mitigating risk from an installation perspective, giving assurance to both contractors and building control.

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