Quadra+ | Riser Doors

  • Sound wave
    35dB - 48dB Acoustic Attenuation
  • Icon showing fire testing
    Bi-directionally Fire Tested
  • Icon showing fire
    E120Sa Fire Rated
  • Sgl 1.6 / Dbl 1.7 U Value (W/m20k)
  • Icon showing smoke seals
    Smoke Seals As Standard
  • Icon showing air waves
    Up to Class 3 Air Permeability


The most complete high-performance metal riser doorsets

Perfect for concealing fire-rated riser doors, access panels, and internal doors in corridors, landings, and other access areas; Quadra+ is supplied as an integral, four-sided frame and door system, pre-constructed to form a single robust unit. Ideal for hidden commercial access solutions, Quadra+ is designed and manufactured to the highest standards.
A design innovation – Quadra+ is the original riser doorset from Selo, now featuring an Adjustable Frame to enhance installation speed and fire compliance. The screw-operated adjuster bolts allow for simple and secure Quadra+ frame installation. Watch the video to see it in action:

Quadra+ is the ultimate Riser Door!

Each Quadra+ unit is fire tested and comes with acoustic-rated features, ensuring optimal safety and sound control. The factory-painted finish enhances both the aesthetic appeal and durability. Whether you need a single door or a double door configuration, Quadra+ provides versatile options to meet your specific requirements, including locking options for added security.

Engineered to prevent the spread of fire, Quadra+ is fire-rated from both sides, making it suitable for use in riser shafts running through buildings. The locking system is designed to comply with the strictest safety standards, providing peace of mind and meeting every regulatory requirement. Please note that maintenance is made easy, ensuring longevity and reliability in every application. Consider Quadra+ for your fire-rated riser door and access panel needs, where functionality meets the highest safety standards.


Quadra+ Advantages

The Quadra+ service riser door is designed to be both practical and pleasing to the eye. Each door is bespoke, made to measure and achieves a 2-hour fire rating as standard.

Fire protection performance E120 Fire-rated metal doors

A very economical solution with fire resistance up to 2 hours whilst maintaining sleek aesthetics. The door leafs are supplied with all ironmongery pre-fitted which allows for a swift and simple installation. The Quadra+ system can be provided in banks of up to 6 doors wide and still maintain 2 hours fire rating, an industry first.

Concealed quick-release pivot New and improved design

The unique pivot system provides a very simple and quick solution while remaining fully concealed. The ‘dog-leg’ pivot pin guide makes installation a safer and more secure process. When installing the door, push the pivot pin all the way to the top of the slot. Once in position, the pin is effectively locked. Fire-rated up to E120.

Fire protection as standard Quench® Fire-stopping system

Quench® has the fire-stopping material built into the frame for a faster, safer installation removing potential fall risk and hazardous working environments. It also assists in mitigating risk from an installation perspective, giving assurance for both contractors and building control.

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Simple and secure installation Adjustable frame feature

As risers get tighter for space; a common scenario where ducting or services are sitting directly behind the door/frame, there is no room for access to pack or fire-stop the frame correctly.

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Fire-rated up to E120 Fire compliant within wall-lining systems

The only solution on the market that enables you to fit the riser door system into the rigid wall when the door is to be fitted in projection from the fire compartment wall – allowing your cosmetic wall to be in line with the flush door. Nulfire™ provides a concealed solution that will allow you to stay compliant.

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Ready to paint 'Dead Matt' finish Powder-coated RAL

The ‘dead-matt’ finish is designed to be painted with wall emulsion, no masking or special paints required.

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