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Quadra+ Temporary Doors

The contractors 'snag-free' choice

Featuring a permanent riser frame with a temporary riser door leaf and threshold protection to preserve the quality of your riser doors during heavy construction ensuring an end product with no snagging/remedial works required.

Quadra+ Temporary Door with Permanent Frame

Dramatically reduce installation time and associated costs by utilising Quadra+ Temporary Doors. The system features a permanent frame with a temporary door leaf as well as threshold protection! The installation process is simple – Watch the video for more:

Sustainable Temporary Doors

Replace your timber riser doors with a metal doorset in a more cost-effective way that will protect your risers during the construction phase. Once your Quadra+ temporary doors are no longer needed, simply call us and we can collect and recycle the door for you. We’re committed to reducing landfill, and helping you save money!

Permanent Frame Built to last

The permanent frame releases finishing trades earlier as it is designed to receive both the temporary and permanent door leaf. It is also available with our factory fitted fire-stopping, Quench®, removing the need for manually applied mastic. Get peace of mind and quality control with one simple installation.

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Temporary Doors Strong yet lightweight

Simply install the lightweight, unfinished temporary metal riser door into the permanent frame where it can be easily changed later with the use of the quick-release pivot hinge. The door provides you with security and fire protection during the heavy construction phase.

Lock & Handle Safe and secure

The temporary riser door leaf comes as standard with a secure 3-point locking system, which can be linked to a euro cylinder and handle for easy access.

Threshold Protection No more dents or scratches

Protects the frame during the construction phase of a project, where heavy traffic and moving of equipment could inflict damag