30 Berkeley Square

Elevating Artistry and Functionality at 30 Berkeley Square

Nestled at the intersection of Davies Street and Mount Street, commanding a breathtaking view of Berkeley Square, 30 Berkeley Square has become a distinguished landmark within Mayfair. The recent renovation aimed not only to enhance the aesthetics but also to create functional spaces for art showcases and auctions.

Our contribution to this transformative project extended beyond the visual spectacle, focusing on the functionality of the space. We supplied bespoke metal riser doors, carefully crafted to blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetic. Fire-rated and tailored to precise specifications, these doors play a crucial role in maintaining safety standards while ensuring a cohesive design throughout the building.

To complement the artistic ambiance and add a touch of elegance, timber leaf riser doors were introduced. These bespoke doors, crafted with precision, contribute to the overall aesthetic harmony while serving as functional components within the space. The integration of timber leaf riser doors reflects a commitment to both safety and sophisticated design.


Berkeley Square


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