33 Charterhouse

London's most sustainable office space

The JJ Mack Building, strategically located just 150m from Farringdon Station, stands as one of London’s most innovative and sustainable office spaces. Beyond its prime location, the building distinguishes itself by embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance the well-being of its occupants and champion sustainable operation practices.

The JJ Mack Building stands out for its integration of smart and intelligent building features. Utilizing a highly detailed “digital twin,” the entire building’s systems are meticulously modeled, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and control at various levels. This innovative technology ensures a dynamic and responsive environment tailored precisely to occupant needs.

The digital twin technology isn’t just about monitoring; it facilitates the precise tailoring of the building’s performance, aligning every aspect with occupant requirements. This commitment to customization enhances the day-to-day experience and supports highly sustainable and considered operation. In this endeavor, we played a vital role by supplying concealed metal riser doors on all floors.

Our contribution to The JJ Mack Building involved providing fire-rated metal riser doors, seamlessly concealed on all floors. These doors play a crucial role in the building’s safety infrastructure while remaining discreetly integrated into the overall design. The concealed doors align with the building’s commitment to a sleek and modern aesthetic, ensuring a seamless blend of safety and design.


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