Cannon Bridge House

Elevating Office Excellence at Cannon Bridge House

Cannon Bridge House, a landmark office development, underwent a transformative refurbishment led by the architectural firm Stiff + Trevillion. Nestled on Dowgate Hill, the project aimed to revitalize the iconic structure, incorporating modern elements and upgrading its facilities. As part of this endeavor, Selo Doors played a crucial role in supplying concealed metal doorsets, specifically focusing on riser doors with fire-rated capabilities.

Stiff + Trevillion embarked on a comprehensive internal and external refurbishment, breathing new life into Cannon Bridge House, now aptly named The River Building. The overhaul addressed structural upgrades, redesigned entrances, and enhanced the glass link between the atrium and the River Building. The yellow brick exterior underwent a modern transformation, creating a visually striking contrast with the contemporary interior.

The revitalized Cannon Bridge House boasts a central atrium that spans two floors, crowned by an arched, glazed roof to invite abundant natural light. The convergence of diagonal glazing panels offers breathtaking views of the Thames River, adding a unique and stimulating dimension to the office space. The blend of modern aesthetics with original architectural elements, such as exposed brickwork and steel, contributes to the building’s allure.

Selo Doors’ contribution to the project centered on providing concealed metal riser doors. These fire-rated doorsets seamlessly integrated into the renovated space, aligning with the vision of creating a modern, light-filled environment. The concealed design ensures a flush and streamlined appearance, contributing to the overall aesthetic harmony of the interior.

The collaborative efforts of Stiff + Trevillion and Selo Doors have not only revitalized the physical space but have also created a vibrant and dynamic work environment that pays homage to the building’s history while embracing modern functionality. The concealed metal riser doors supplied by Selo Doors seamlessly contribute to the building’s aesthetic appeal and fire safety features, underscoring the commitment to excellence in design and functionality.


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