Chelsea Creek

Nestled in the heart of Central London, Chelsea Creek stands as an epitome of luxury, offering residents a uniquely European style of living along its canalside homes. The residential development boasts a stunning location characterized by tree-lined avenues and meandering waterways, providing an exquisite urban lifestyle.

In our collaboration with Chelsea Creek, our focus was on enhancing both safety and aesthetics within the residential spaces. A key component of this project was the installation of metal riser doors tailored to meet the project’s exacting standards for both functionality and aesthetics. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the sophisticated surroundings, these fire-rated riser doors ensure compliance with safety standards while preserving the high-end residential atmosphere.

The choice of metal riser doors not only aligns with the upscale environment of Chelsea Creek but also serves a crucial functional purpose. Ensuring fire safety without compromising on the luxurious aesthetics of the development, these doors exemplify our commitment to delivering solutions that prioritize both form and function. Crafted for both durability and visual appeal, these fire-rated doors not only ensure safety compliance but also contribute to the overall sophisticated aesthetic of Chelsea Creek.


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