Lucent, Picadilly

The Lucent Development creates balance that boosts productivity and wellbeing.

Lucent W1 is quite literally built around nature, with a tree towering in the central atrium and an internal green wall that stretches the full height of the world-famous external lights. The innovative Fletcher Priest design has created offices that are cocooned away from the surrounding city, while 20 terraces allow panoramic views across the capital.

For this design, Selo used the Quarda Riser Door which are the most high-performance metal riser doorsets. Perfect for concealing fire-rated riser doors, access panels, and internal doors in corridors, landings, and other access areas; Quadra+ is supplied as an integral, four-sided frame and door system, pre-constructed to form a single robust unit. Ideal for hidden commercial access solutions, Quadra+ is designed and manufactured to the highest standards.




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