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Nestled in East London, Hoxton Press stands as a testament to contemporary urban living, comprising two hexagonal towers of 16 and 20 stories, with a total of 198 private apartments. This residential development is a key component of Hackney Council’s estate regeneration program, specifically the third phase of the Colville Estate redevelopment. Selo proudly participated in this groundbreaking project by supplying bespoke metal riser doors, seamlessly integrating safety, aesthetics, and functionality.

Key Features of Hoxton Press:

  1. Architectural Excellence:
    • Two towers of 16 and 20 stories, designed by Karakusevic Carson Architects, contribute to the area’s masterplan.
    • Faceted tower forms create landscaped spaces, with a rotation that minimizes overlooking.
    • Concentric arrangement of apartments maximizes daylight and natural ventilation.
    • Handmade bricks, differing in colors, contribute to a robust monolithic quality.
    • Seamless transition between exterior and interior spaces.
  2. Awards and Recognition:
    • Hoxton Press received accolades, including the What House Awards 2018 for Best Exterior Design.
    • Shortlisted for additional awards, reflecting the project’s impact and excellence.
  3. Acoustic and Technical Achievements:
    • The site presented challenges with high acoustic requirements, met through meticulous testing.
    • Complete CWCT Sequence B Testing ensured that the development surpassed industry standards.
  4. Urban Gateway and Community Integration:
    • Towers serve as an urban gateway, connecting the Colville neighborhood with Shoreditch Park.
    • Sale of private apartments partially subsidizes new social housing, contributing to the local community.

Selo Doors played a crucial role in the success of Hoxton Press by supplying bespoke metal riser doors, contributing to the concealed, flush, and fire-rated doorsets throughout the development. The riser doors, hidden within the structure, enhance the overall safety and aesthetic appeal of the project. Selo’s commitment to excellence aligns with the aspirations of Hoxton Press, creating a synergy that elevates the living experience for residents.

Hoxton Press stands as a remarkable example of urban regeneration, architectural ingenuity, and community integration. Selo’s contribution to this award-winning project, particularly in providing bespoke metal riser doors, exemplifies the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality solutions that blend seamlessly with visionary developments like Hoxton Press. The completion of this development marks a milestone in the evolution of East London’s landscape, creating a legacy that combines modernity with community-centric design.




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