The Standard Hotel

Retro at its finest

Quite possibly the most modern hotel in London.

Designed by Shawn Hausman Design this hotel features a retro interior style which some may call kitschy or ‘hippie’ style. But there’s no doubt that this hotel is unlike any other, bursting at the seams with bright, vibrant colours and minimalist furniture and décor reflecting a somewhat 70’s glam style.


While the interior might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the exterior is quite a sight to behold. With its brutalist-style architecture, it draws on the curved windows that cover the building as the main focus of the design. Originally built in 1974 as an office block and public library Orms were responsible for retaining this stark exterior. The hotel was heightened by a glass extension across the top of the building that holds a restaurant and club.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the hotel, the red pill lift. A single external red pod, contrasting vividly  with the plain white concrete frame, that transports its guests to all the 266 rooms and the rooftop bars.


Selo provided simple, sleek riser doors that fit in perfectly with this modern look, and allow the eye to be drawn to the more important design features of the interior.


Kings Cross, London





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