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Elevating Care at West Hall

Nestled in the picturesque Surrey village of West Byfleet and graced by the extensive grounds of a listed manor house, West Hall stands as the flagship luxury care home for unparalleled comfort and care. At West Hall, the emphasis is on offering outstanding care within a luxurious setting, catering to various needs, including permanent residence, respite breaks, specialist dementia care, and recovery from hospital stays.

West Hall is thoughtfully designed to promote friendship, companionship, and a real sense of community. The accommodation is organized into three purpose-built residences, each radiating from the central manor house. These residences feature large individual bedrooms and shared living and dining areas, fostering an intimate and supportive environment. The spaces are not only designed for optimal safety but are also adaptable to meet individual needs and preferences.

Everything at West Hall is meticulously designed to enhance comfort and ease. From the beautifully maintained grounds to individual fittings, every detail receives meticulous attention. Each living space is custom-made with high-quality finishes, marrying aesthetic appeal with practicality. The care home boasts a modern, high-quality appearance, distinguished by its individualized design and placement in the midst of stunning surroundings.

Selo takes pride in contributing to the excellence of West Hall by supplying top-notch riser doors. The concealed, flush, and fire-rated metal doorsets seamlessly integrate into the care home’s design ethos. Selo Doors’ solutions align with West Hall’s commitment to attention to detail and high-quality finishes, ensuring that even the smallest components receive the utmost care and consideration.

West Hall stands as a testament to the marriage of luxury and care in a serene village setting. With Selo Doors’ riser door solutions enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the care home, West Hall continues to provide unparalleled comfort and support to its residents, making it a true haven for those seeking exceptional care in a luxurious environment.


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