Design Trends set for 2018

Design Trends set for 2018
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Every year has its own unique style and fashion, and this year is no different.  From statement ceilings to tropical prints, here are our predictions for what’s going to be hot in the design world in 2018.



Terrazzo is a classic example of a design trend that was very of its moment. Found on floors across the world in the 1970s, the style became passe by the 1990s. Now, some four decades after the style first rose to popularity, terrazzo is back, with colourful floor designs of composite stone very much in demand. This trend is reflected by a 316% increase in terrazzo related pins on Pinterest proving a real appetite for terrazzo within the interior design community.



Numerous studies in recent years have demonstrated the positive effects that the natural world can have on our physical and mental health as biophilic design has gone mainstream in recent years. The houseplant, the age-old interior design accessory, is reportedly set to come back in fashion.  Bringing a touch of nature indoors, and providing a much-needed mood boost, the humble plant may just help us at home or in the office to shake off the winter blues.

Colourful Doors


Another big mover on Pinterest, “colourful door” pins have seen a 121 percent increase in searches recently. Decadent doors are a great way to wow your guests, or even just passers-by, with your bold and unique design tastes.



Vintage has been big in interior design for a while now, and that trend is set to continue in 2018. Tracking down fabrics, ornaments, furniture and accessories is a great way to provide a unique, rustic feel to your environment and keep your setting on trend.

Dark Wood


In previous years we’ve seen a tendency towards Scandi inspired pale, bleached woods in interior design, but that’s set to change in 2018. Instead, this year is trending towards a preference for darker, moodier wood tones, as part of a wider resurgence of vintage glamour style and fashion.



The tropical trend was bubbling under the surface throughout 2017, but it’s set to take off in a big way in 2018. In contrast to the dark wood trends, the tropical trend is all about bright, vibrant, happy colours and prints, with rich shades of green against splashes of neon in home furnishings.

Geometric Design


Another design trend which achieved some popularity last year is geometric design. We saw geometric patterns mostly adorning cushions and rugs, but this year its set to expand rapidly, encompassing tiles, wallpaper and art. This striking design was chosen by trendsetters Pantone as the number one design trend to watch out for in 2018.

Statement Ceilings


One of the boldest design trends that we’ve seen is the rise of the statement ceiling, which has seen a 310 percent increase in interest on Pinterest lately. Statement ceilings are designed to form the centrepiece of a room through contrasting graphical patterns, colourful prints, exposed beams, intricate textures and custom carvings.

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