5 Top-tips for Fire Door Safety

5 Top-tips for Fire Door Safety
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Ensuring Fire safety is a primary concern, it’s a fundamental function for our doorsets systems to perform. In correlation with Fire Door Safety Week, we’ve compiled a list of Top-tips to help you avoid the common pitfalls:

01. Working Together

Every time we work on a project our goal is to make sure that every Architect and Designer we are working with, understand that fire resistance and compartmentation within a building (to save lives in the case of a fire event) creates a complex system that is made up of a number of components from various suppliers and manufacturers.

Consideration must therefore be given to the fact that not all components will perform as required when combined with other products they have not been tested with. The essential practice which should be embarked upon therefore is to engage all the manufacturers as early in the process as possible to ensure the building works as a complete system.

If the system fails because one or more combinations of product were incorrectly specified; the whole building will fail.

02. A Very Dangerous Misconception

Building products tested for reaction to fire and products tested for resistance to fire cannot automatically be used together this is a common misconception and a very dangerous one.

03. What can we call a Fire Door?

Everybody knows by now a Fire Door that is wedged open is no longer Fire Door! However not many give enough consideration to the critical fact, that one fitted incorrectly in an unsuitable wall or with the wrong fire stopping is no longer a Fire Door either.

04. Go 'Ugly' Early

When designing a building and so specifying the fire resistance performance products required, don’t start with the aesthetic, start with the essential fire resistance performance. Then find the products that can provide the aesthetic required as well as the essential fire resistance and durability performance, including the required technical support, fire testing knowledge and detail for comprehensive system interaction – We do exist!

05. Passive Fire Rated Products

Engage manufacturers of passive fire protection products early in the building design process.
Design a safe building first and design in the aesthetics once the essential fire performance is assured.