Fuma – The First Minimalist AOV

Fuma – The First Minimalist AOV - read more
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Introducing Fuma, the world’s first fully concealed Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) designed with Selo’s trademark minimalist aesthetics and flawless functionality. This sleek and discreet AOV solution is designed to facilitate the ventilation of smoke from fire, and has been fully tested for fire resistance, acoustic performance and air leakage.

What are AOVs?

AOVs are a crucial element of modern fire-safety, combining design and technology to control the ventilation of smoke in the event of a fire. AOVs operate by automatically opening actuators, windows or vents to create ventilation when a smoke detector is triggered.
AOVs allow smoke to ventilate away from escape routes in buildings, reducing toxic smoke inhalation, while increasing visibility for people evacuating the building, and fire-fighters entering it.
Ultimately, AOVs facilitate greater safety for residents and the emergency services, as well as helping to reduce the overall fire and smoke damage to the building itself.


Why Fuma?

While there are many AOVs on the market already, form often plays second fiddle to functionality, making for an unsightly interior and detracting from the overall aesthetic of a design. At Selo, we pride ourself in simplicity and marrying form with functionality which is where we recognised a need for our latest solution, Fuma.

This minimalist design offers the same level of smoke ventilation functionality as a regular AOV, but can also be plastered up or taped and jointed to create a perfectly seamless finish for superior aesthetics. The Fuma AOV is provided powder coated, or with a textured finish to be painted to complement your design finish giving a sleek look.


What should you do next?

So if you’re looking for concealed automatic opening vents but you don’t want to compromise on beautiful design, then Fuma is the solution for you. Find out more about Fuma and please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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