How we forged the path to safety!

How we forged the path to safety!
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For many years, the construction industry has relied on temporary fire doors made from traditional timber materials. These doors have faced significant challenges when exposed to harsh climatic conditions on site causing them to twist, bow, and warp. As a result, they become a non-compliant, insecure fire escape route,
jeopardizing the safety of all those on-site.

This was discovered as a result of Morgan Sindall’s meticulous fire risk assessments on construction sites. They found that the doors expanded due to the changing temperatures in the atmosphere, causing them to not close properly. In some cases, there had been attempts to try and solve this by trimming the door down, but then subsequently when the doors contracted again, it left non-compliant gaps. It soon became clear that these temporary fire doors were simply not up to the task of protecting people and property.

So, Morgan Sindall set out to partner with a company that could assist them in their quest for a reliable and resilient fire door. Selo were recommended to Morgan Sindall by one of their suppliers and so we started collaborating with them to create the only temporary fire door you’ll ever need.

That’s when Tempus was born.

The first-of-its-kind temporary fire door, is made from heavy-duty steel with a mineral wool core. Tempus is designed to withstand the rigors of construction sites, offering unparalleled resistance to harsh climatic conditions. Its robust construction ensured durability and strength, providing a lasting solution to the problem at hand.

Alongside this is the continuous cost-saving as repeated maintenance and replacement visits are not required as they are with timber doors.

The great thing about Tempus is not only its remarkable strength but its ease of installation. Designed to be face-fitted to the wall, Tempus has fixing holes that allow for a quick and straightforward installation and the fixing slots allow the door and frame to be lifted for screed to run underneath, without the need to remove the door at all. This saves precious time on site, enabling construction teams to work more quickly and efficiently.

But Tempus doesn’t stop there.

Its sustainability was a core principle of its design. Unlike timber doors, Tempus is not destined for the skip at the end of a project. Instead, it can be removed and sent back to us for compliance checks, making it reusable and significantly reducing material waste. Again, it becomes a cost-saver, as businesses can benefit from the reusability and long-term use of Tempus over multiple projects.

See here or get in touch for ways Tempus could work for you on your site. 

After a long journey of continuous innovation and fire testing, Tempus has become an Innovation Award Winner and a much-loved product by leading companies in the industry including, Morgan Sindall, Berkeley, Vistry, Mace, Wilmott Dixon, Midgard, and so many more.

Today, Tempus redefines compliance and life safety on sites, revolutionising temporary fire doors in construction whilst saving the planet at the same time!