Interior Design tips for Urban Living

Interior Design tips for Urban Living - read more
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City living is on the rise and it offers a wealth of opportunities to today’s modern urban dweller. With an estimated 10 million people living in London alone and with property prices increasing, space in cities has never been more precious and in demand.

In our latest blog, we share our top tips on how to get the most out of your city living space by incorporating some clever design tips.

Healthy home, healthy you


New research findings suggest that lighting, space, and room design can affect a person’s mood and wellbeing. These studies have lead to the creation of a new field of architecture called, Neuro-architecture. This is an innovative development whereby neuroscience is combined with architecture in order to create modern designs that are effective, functional and even possibly healing.

Neutral colour palette


Use light, neutral colours to give the illusion of space in compact city apartments. White, beige, grey and muted pastel colours can make a small space feel bigger by tricking the eye. Plus as much natural light as possible will help to lift the space and skylights are a great choice if you’re limited on windows. In evenings, ensure you have multiple light sources within a room to maximise light to give an airy feel.

Minimalist design

At Selo we believe in simplicity. We exist to make our clients lives easier, so the simplicity of minimalist design, which literally means ‘less is more’, naturally appeals to us.  We understand that when you’re short on space, a minimalist and contemporary style is a popular and smart choice for designers.

A minimalist home can improve the visual appeal of your space as well as giving furniture, artwork and your most prized possessions a chance to shine. And of course, a minimalist home is quicker and easier to clean and maintain giving you more time to enjoy your space. So embrace clean lines, invest in smart storage and always value quality over quantity.

Pocket doors

For an elegant, contemporary and functional finish, pocket doors are the perfect solution to urban living. Conventional swing doors require a large amount of clearance space, but the Enigma pocket sliding door system from Selo disappears when fully open into a compartment in the adjacent wall. This creates a sleek and seamless look that could not be achieved with swing doors.

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