Introducing our newest team members

Introducing our newest team members - read more
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Meet our new team member, Corron Devenish, who recently joined Selo. He’s ready and able to help you to select the best Selo product for your project.

As a result of our ongoing success, with our doorsets increasingly the product of choice for a minimalist look in a modern interior, Selo has expanded. The project sales team is key in providing expert advice and follow-up support for our clients. Corron Devenish has the experience and specialist qualities that we look for when recruiting for talent. We appreciate that our people are the reason we are able to continually innovate and provide a tailored service.

‘Corron has a passion for progress and for assisting people achieve their desired outcome,’ said Hans Purdom, Managing Director of Selo. ‘We look forward to working with him and seeing the team flourish.’

Corron will be assisting our clients by providing a customised quotation and specification. He is also a project manager, ensuring that the specification is correct before it is relayed to the Operations department.

The secret to an effective sales team is a talented, highly organised coordinator who takes a holistic view. We found such a person in Jade Clarke.

Working as a team requires comprehensive coordination for seamless project management. When it comes to our industry, with multiple prestigious projects, it’s even more vital to work together in addressing the top priorities of the day. These change hour by hour as we’re informed as to our customers’ needs.

As a result of expansion, we identified the need for a coordinator role for an overall perspective of projects and their requirements. With our sales team members all focused on their specific clients, it was important to establish an umbrella system to ensure that every aspect is covered properly, at the right time.

‘We are very pleased to welcome Jade Clarke to the sales team,’ said Selo Managing Director Hans Purdom. ‘Jade will be coordinating the incoming project enquiries and assigning these to the correct project leader.  She will also be supporting Laurie Ker in his project consultant role, to enhance the customer experience even further.’

If you would like to know more about how Jade can assist you, do contact us. We will do our utmost to provide what you need, in the simplest, most effective way.

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