Automatic Opening Vent IN ACTION

Fuma+ is a Patented minimalist automatic opening vent (AOV), designed to facilitate the ventilation of smoke from fire. Supplied fully hung, as an integral unit with a metal door and GEZE actuator, Fuma+ simply needs to be fitted into the opening and linked to the BMS (Building Management System).

As standard the Fuma+ Doorset is powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice; ready to be installed, overpainted, or wallpapered.

Concealed frame won’t distract from your interior design. Most automatic ventilation systems on the market are unsightly and detract from a minimalist interior. The Fuma+ automatic ventilation system has a single-piece metal section frame with a perforated bead and stop, which can be plastered up to or tape-and-jointed to create a perfectly seamless finish for superior aesthetics and fantastic ventilation.

FD120 Fire-rated metal doorset practical performance. The Fuma+ leaf is mounted on a pivot-pin for maintenance-free operation. The metal doorset comes with smoke seals as standard and proves a high fire-resistance of up to 2 hours while maintaining the sleek finish you require.

Concealed quick-release pivot new and improved design. The top-centre is sprung loaded which allows you to remove and re-hang the door quickly and easily by simply using a screwdriver to depress the pivot-pin. Once installed the hinge is fully concealed. Fire-rated up to FD120

GEZE Actuator innovative safety technology. The GEZE actuator which powers the Fuma+ AOV can be seen here from inside the shaft wall. Once installed, and linked into the buildings management system, the actuator is maintenance-free and only requires periodic testing with associated fire safety equipment.

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