How do I protect my riser doors before practical completion

A common scenario on site, the riser doors are fitted and looking great and then 6 months down the line when practical completion comes around the doors are scratched, dented or damaged in someway and require replacing costing you time and money.

We have two options for you:

Firstly the quickest and lowest cost option is for us to provide you with protective sheet and tape that can be applied once the door is fitted protecting it from scrapes, scratches and damage. Corex and tape are both provided, the tape being a specialist high tack low residue tape which ensure maximum adhesion to the door leaf but not leave any residue behind however long it is left on there.

The first option is a great low cost and quick option but for riser doors that are installed early and are subject to medium to high useage before completion such as electrical risers this can sometime snot be enough as the corex will not stop dents and severe misuse. Your solution here is to use the Selo Quadra temporary riser door. The way this works is we provide the final frame with atemporary door so the doorset can be fitted and which is fully fire compliant, it also comes with a threshold protector to ensure the threshold doesn’t get damaged.

Then when practical completion nears the temporary door can be removed and the finished door fitted. With the unique Selo quick release pivot system this is an extremely quick and simple process. The finished door leaf’s do not have to be delivered until exactly when you need them so there is no storage on site, we can also take away the temporary door leaf’s from site for you.

This way the final door is not subjected to any misuse and no replacements or extra labour are required. That covers the question how do I protect my riser doors before practical completion.

Thank you for watching and as always please do reach out to us if you have any questions!

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