How long does it take to fit a Metal Riser Door

With our Quadra Riser Door system there are five key aspects to the door that we’ve designed to really aid and speed up your installation. These are pre-hung door set, a quick release pivot system, adjustable packers, factory fitted fire stopping and all of the ironmongery is pre-fitted into the door.

With all of these features, this can bring the installation of your metal riser door system, specifically the Quadra down to about 15 minutes for a single door, and a little longer for a double door.

For timber door ser, this takes far longer. So, if we look at a pre-hung timber door set, you’ve still got all of the fixing to do through the frame and you’ve got the archities to fit the fire stopping to do and any other ironmongery, maybe the handles are likely not to be fitted.

If you take it a step further, if the timber door isn’t pre-hung, you’ve then got the hinges to hang on the door or the frame added to all of the other installation time.

This could take you an hour or maybe two hours to fit so you could be reducing your installation time by using a metal riser door by nearly three quarters.

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