What are the hidden costs associated with temporary fire doors?

Some of the hidden costs associated with temporary fire doors include

– Maintenance Costs. Timber doors need to be kept at a compliant level which involves constant checking and upgrading as they react to site conditions such as moisture levels and impact. Contrastingly Tempus is built to withstand the rigorous construction environment.

– Wastage Costs. Timber doors cannot be reused after a project as they will have been trashed on site and are therefore thrown away or disposed of, both of which involve costs. However Tempus is designed to be reused time and time again on multiple sites over multiple projects and we can store them until you next need them!

– Management Time. Because time = money. Timber doors need to be constantly managed to ensure they are kept compliant. Whereas Tempus is just a case of fit and forget.

– Installation Time. The cost in time of installing a timber temporary fire door set could take between 1 and 2 hours. Times that by the number of doors on a project and we’re talking a lot of time! Tempus on the other hand takes roughly 20 minutes.

– Reuse & Relocation. As already mentioned, timber cannot be reused and therefore every opening comes with the cost of a brand new door. Whereas with Tempus once you have the door it can be reused on more projects essentially becoming a free door after the first use as you do not have to purchase again for the next site.

Then there’s shared investment and insurance premium reduction that is worth management looking at.

Watch the video to hear Lewis explain everything in more detail. 

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