Why Temporary Fire Doors are so Important

During the construction phase of a project, the building is split up into horizontal and vertical fire compartmentation, particularly in high-rise buildings. This fire compartmentation is designed to prevent and contain a fire from spreading throughout the building and temporary fire doors are integral to this.

Temporary Fire Doors are a safety product as part of the passive fire protection system. They are typically installed on the stair cores to create and maintain a fire escape route to contain a fire, should there be an incident.

However because they are just ‘temporary’, it’s often found that cheaper timber doors are installed just to tick the box but these very quickly become non-compliant once they meet site conditions. They can warp and expand causing the door to not close properly making them non-compliant.

That’s why we recommend a steel temporary door to prevent these challenges.

So would the Temporary Fire Doors that you currently have, prevent a fire from spreading?

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