What wall types can metal riser doorsteps be used in?

Now if your riser doorsets needs to be fire rated, you would usually be going into a fire rated wall system.

Fire rated wall systems are split into two types: you have standard supporting construction and non-standard construction, or commonly known as associated construction.

Standard supporting construction is actually split into two types: so we have rigid construction, which is your block work and your concrete walls. And then we have flexible construction, which is dry lining systems. So your timber, metal stub systems with plasterboard. They are both defined in a test standard called EN-1363 part 1.  And that is a test standard that sets out how we can actually test these walls. In contrast, non-standard supporting construction, or associated construction, doesn’t actually have a test standard or a set of rules that we can go by. Which means that we have to test in every variation to be able to provide warranty or cover for your fire rated wall and door system.

Now, there are lots of examples but probably the most common one would be shaft wall. And what that means is that if you were to choose, for example a British Gypsum Shaft wall on your project, we would need to provide cover or provide evidence that we’ve actually tested with the British Gypsum Shaft Wall Type. And if that was to change to Siniat, we would need to also provide cover or evidence that we have tested with Siniat Shaft Wall type. The other type of non-standard construction that’s very common is something that called mixed construction. And, that’s when you don’t have the same type of wall construction around a doorset. Again, there’s lots of different variations of this, but as an example you may have a block work system running up the left side of your door. Ans maybe shaft wall on the other three sides. That would be a mixed construction, which we would again have to provide evidence that we have tested the exact application that you’ve got.

Now, if you do have any other questions around wall types and fire rated door systems within walls, please give us a shout. I’m more than happy to help and I look forward to hearing from you.

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