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New Opportunities From Restrictions: Virtual CPDs

New Opportunities From Restrictions: Virtual CPDs - read more
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Our first virtual CPD, and our first time for having over 80 attendees to one session!

Sometimes unexpected situations bring the best opportunities!

Great, Valuable Feedback

Even with the restrictions of lockdown, we managed to hold a CPD for anyone that wanted to join, on Zoom, and got some excellent, valuable feedback from clients…

“Thanks for CPD, great to hear about the products which will definitely save me time when trying to find solutions to visual intents that are also in line with performance requirements.”

“Thanks for a very informative presentation – great content and good format.”

“Thank you so much for the CPD.  I found it very informative and helpful. The presentation was just the right amount of information and the imagery was very clear, which helps when we are drawing details etc. and all my questions were answered to my satisfaction.”

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