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NEW Quadra+ Temporary Door System

NEW Quadra+ Temporary Door System - read more
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Selo is to launch its Quadra+ Temporary Door System – an extension of the current Quadra+ Riser Door range. The Quadra+ Riser Door frame now has the ability to incorporate a temporary door leaf for the duration of heavy construction on site. This prevents the need for traditional temporary timber site riser doors (which includes a frame, door leaf, ironmongery and installation) all of which is totally disposable and thrown away after use.

Significant cost savings

With this new method of construction, the Quadra+ frame can be installed at the initial stages of fit-out construction and never needs to be removed. It comes with a temporary door leaf for the duration of heavy construction and is replaced with the permanent door leaf just prior to final decoration. Both door leafs are fully fire rated with the use of one frame. This new product significantly reduces the material and installation cost of traditional temporary riser doors while also streamlining the program of works on site, releasing dryliners earlier and mitigating the risk and need for snagging to the permanent door leaf.


 “The Quadra+ Temporary Door Leaf is designed to simplify the door installation process. It speeds up the construction process, reduces waste and preserves the quality of the end product to make the entire construction process more efficient and environmentally sustainable.”

Hans Purdom – Managing Director


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