Rediscovering what sets Selo apart

Rediscovering what sets Selo apart
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As we kick off another year of innovation, we thought we’d take the opportunity to take a brief look back at how far we’ve come since we founded in 2008. Over the years, we’ve focused on how we can consistently innovate and advance the sector that we operate in, enhancing not only the finished product, but simplifying the installation process too.

Remembering our origins

When we set out as Linear Building Ideas in 2008, it was just a father and two sons with an ambition to bring genuine improvements to the construction sector. We focused on product innovation that made better building outcomes easy to achieve, and we concentrated on doors. Those two early decisions have steered our success. Rebranding as Selo in 2015, we’re now regarded as the market leader in riser doors and other specialist doors, and we’re proud to be a reliable source of industry expertise.

What sets Selo apart?

Where Selo goes, others follow – the ultimate compliment. As market leaders, we believe continued innovation plays a vital role, and we gladly take responsibility for continually increasing expectations. We set the bar high, because we believe it’s what our customers deserve.

1. We have a legacy of industry-leading innovation

Selo has created a significant innovation for almost every year we’ve been in business. We’ve introduced new product categories to the market, and many of our product features have become industry norms.

 Our legacy stems from an in-depth knowledge of the building industry and the realisation that so many construction processes can be improved. At the outset, we identified that specialist doors with high-end finishes almost always required a bespoke approach for every project. We set out to simplify that with standardised systems.

 Looking back, we realise just how much we’ve achieved in 14 years. We’ve made concealed frame doorsets a reliable option for buildings across the UK. We invented the riser door and made them easy to install and maintain. We’ve enhanced the pocket door concept, so that they perform exactly as they should. And our full-time research and development team continues to lead the industry, developing door and access systems that enhance aesthetics, improve functionality, and ensure building safety. Selo is proud to be the original and best.

2. We give detailed project assistance at every stage

No-one cares like Selo does about the success of every doorset on site. That commitment stems from our passion for exceptional building outcomes. From the earliest stages of a project, we’re keen to help ensure that doors will arrive just right, fit perfectly, and operate flawlessly. And that takes engineering expertise, scheduling efficiency, and manufacturing excellence. We’ve provided unrivalled support to customers for a long time now, but as we start another new year, we wanted to consolidate it into a dependable pathway that provides maximum benefit to every project and partner.


 Introducing Halo Assist. Support that surrounds every project.

Halo Assist is our new, dedicated project support framework, which offers detailed assistance at every stage of a project, giving our customers the assurance they deserve.

Halo Assist is split into three clear stages, with a proven process at each stage:

1  Concept          2  Specification        3  Execution

Our dedicated support programme ensures everything works out as intended.

3. We reduce risk for every stakeholder

Selo’s experience is unrivalled when it comes to large, complex projects. Our specialists have accomplished an exceptional breadth of fire testing across all product variants, and have advanced technical expertise when it comes to bespoke production.

Underpinning all that we do is minimising risk for our customers. In an industry where discrepancy or failure can have significant logistical, cost, or legal implications, we’re committed to reducing every element of risk that we can. That starts with know-how. With extensive experience of large-scale projects, we can be relied upon to manage complex schedules and deliver on time.

Then there’s compliance. The Selo technical team includes experts in fire safety and certification, who support customers with fire-tested door configurations. Selo has invested a huge amount in testing, giving our clients a wider choice when it comes to specifying certified products.

Lastly, there’s technical expertise. The breadth of professional training and practical knowledge within our team is applied to every bespoke detail, to ensure that things work out as they should on site. Every design aspect is dealt with in precise detail, which is why customers consistently choose Selo with confidence.

As we look back on all that’s happened in the last 14 years, we’re excited to embark on our 15th year. We have more exciting releases up our sleeves, and we’re committed to supporting more outstanding projects in London and across the UK. Stay tuned for more Selo news throughout 2022!

Here at Selo, our mission is to simplify bespoke and complex building methods. We’re exceptionally proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and look forward to another year of enterprising innovation. Speak to our expert team today about your project. Call us on 020 3880 0339, or email your enquiry to