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Taberner House

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Taberner House is a development under construction in central Croydon, resourcefully designed by Stirling Prize-winning architects AHMM, providing space for retail, leisure and cultural activities, as well as bringing much needed new jobs and providing 513 homes, both for sale or rent.

Queens Quarter Development

A world-class design team at are delivering HUB’s vision of aesthetic, functional and low-impact new homes and work at Queens Quarter site began in May 2018, and at Selo, we’re honoured to be providing our Quadra riser doors throughout the space.



Our Part

Competition to be awarded the contract to work on this major development was tough, and so we worked closely with the architects and contractors to ensure that our proposal would combine exceptional quality with fully certified, affordable products.

Working closely with AHMM’s team to develop the specification and drawings, the leading contractor, HUB, to navigate through the selection process and tendering, together we have come up with the perfect solution for Taberner and we were successful in winning, thanks to our committed team and innovative products.


Selo's Solution

Quadra Riser Door systems are concealed, elegant riser doors which create a flush seamless and contemporary finish – the perfect and simple solution for modern, trend-led interiors. Extensive testing has been carried out to over for all fire and acoustic requirements to ensure compliance to building and safety regulations. Our range of concealed riser doors is the most extensive and versatile range on the market.



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