The Old War Office: London Luxury

The Old War Office: London Luxury
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This 7-storey, grade two listed building has every reason to become London’s most sought-after residence, in more ways than one.

Grand Plans

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Aside from the internal luxuries with multiple gyms, a 16-seat cinema, hotel pool, multiple lounges, 9 restaurants, a spa, etc etc, it’s perhaps more famous for serving one of our most legendary prime ministers. Sir Winston Churchill.

As a place where the Second World War was overseen, walking through the theatrical marble entrance is like stepping back into history. The restored mosaic floors and the old messenger rooms repurposed as a design feature are just two things that add to this architectural wonder, with Churchill’s old room itself being available for private dinners.

And you know Ian Fleming? Author of the James Bond series? Well, it’s thought that he came up with the idea for Bond during his time at the office working as a British Naval Intelligence Officer. To keep the 007 idea authentic, three of the films were filmed at this very location, meaning it stars in more James Bond films than any other building. Talking of filming locations, it’s also starred in one of the most popular TV series currently, The Crown, which is rather apt given it’s located (approximately) 1.3km from Buckingham Palace.

Premium Spec

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Back to the hotel itself, it includes a 125-room, world-class Raffles Hotel (which is the first of its kind in the UK and Europe) and 85 luxury residences ranging in size from studios up to five-bed apartments. However, this is not for the faint-hearted. The lowest price starts at a whopping £5.8 million for just two bedrooms! Things only go up from there, but you can be assured they’ll be worth every penny.

Good Company

To round off here are some of the famous names that have been involved in this prestigious project:


Hinduja Group – Purchased OWO on a 250-year lease for £350 million and have spent more than £1 billion

1508 London – Designed the residences, two of which will occupy the four turrets

Thierry Despont – Designed the Hotel interior. Also designed The Ritz, Paris and Maison Cartier

Chef Mauro Colagreco – Dining experiences

Palace of Whitehall – A residence for Henry the 8th and other monarchs before a fire in 1698

EPR Architects – They’ve also done The Ned and Rosewood hotels

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