Top 10 innovations from Selo

Top 10 innovations from Selo
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Take a look through ten of Selo’s key innovations over the years.

We’re extremely proud of our array of inventions so far, and look forward to launching more exceptional products later this year… stay tuned!

Innovation 1: Introduced off-the-shelf concealed-frame doorsets to the UK

Eliminating bespoke carpentry and ensuring consistent results

Innovation 2: Created the ‘riser door’ concept, enhancing riser access options

Transforming a functional necessity into an impressive design statement

Innovation 3: Designed the first inward-opening concealed door set

Making minimalist aesthetics possible in every situation

Innovation 4: Developed the pivot hinge concept for riser doors

Reducing installation time dramatically and ensuring accuracy

Innovation 5: Designed the Enigma pocket door system

Overcoming the installation and performance issues of traditional systems

Innovation 6: Created Fuma, the market’s first-ever concealed AOV

Replacing the ugly automatic-opening vents typically used

Innovation 7: Produced the Ligna riser door with plasterboard face

Enabling seamless integration within tiled or plastered walls

Innovation 8: Innovated the Tega inward-opening riser door

Providing a solution for riser access in areas with restricted space

Innovation 9: Developed the Quadra+ emergency access door for lift shafts

The only fire-tested outward-opening concealed door on the market

Innovation 10: Invented the Quench pre-intumescent door system

Ensuring consistent, dependable application of essential fire containment