TWO ways you can fire stop a Quadra Riser Door

TWO ways you can fire stop a Quadra Riser Door
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How do you fire stop a Riser Door?

Firstly let’s answer the question, ‘What is fire stopping?’

What is fire stopping?

Fire-stopping is a form of passive fire protection that is used to seal around openings and between joints in a fire-resistance-rated wall or floor assembly.

Firestops are designed to maintain the fire-resistance rating of a wall or floor assembly intended to impede the spread of fire and smoke



Riser doorsets are typically fixed through the perforated flange on the face and through the door stop which leaves a gap behind the frame. The gap can vary in size depending on the tolerance within the structural opening.

Option One



Seal the gap using intumescent mastic sealant.

With this option, you must use a sealant that has been tested with the particular doorset you are installing.

With the Selo Quadra doorset we have a few different commonly used sealants.

Option Two



The second option is the simplest and most fool proof,

using our patented pre-fitted Quench fire-stopping system. 

This can be ordered at the time of ordering the doorsets and with this fitted you do not have to do anything to the doorset other than fit it.

The doors come supplied with an inspection hole and label which allows you to see that the quench system is fitted.


Truly fit and forget!

Can I use Fire Foam?

We often get asked if fire foam can or needs to be used.


The simple answer is no, fire foam shouldn’t be used.


I hope that helps you with any questions you might have!


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