A warm welcome to a founding Director

A warm welcome to a founding Director - read more
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Bringing over 30 years’ experience to Selo, it’s with pleasure we welcome one of our founding directors back to the fold.

Andrew Purdom was instrumental in helping fund the start-up of Selo back in 2008.

However, at that time he was also running his own successful company – Salix – which specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. And quite understandably, his plate was more than full which unfortunately meant for us, that his expertise was needed elsewhere.

Almost 27 years after founding Salix, Andrew sold his shares. And we’re delighted to say, he is now throwing his energies into Selo.

'Ever since we started the business back in 2008 it has been my goal to work in it full time and I am now delighted to have achieved that goal. We have a fantastic team here at Selo and the growth and future for Selo is extremely bright and I'm loving every minute of it!'

Andrew’s passion for the construction industry is second-to-none.

And crucially, his understanding of customer’s needs is first-class. He initially joins our Project Sales team to get a deeper understanding of the company, the market, and our customer’s needs.

Bringing a huge wealth of experience to our existing team, we welcome Andrew with open arms and are excited about what his input will bring to Selo and to our customers.


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