Clayton Hotel

Contemporary hotel in the city of London

A contemporary gem with 212 meticulously designed bedrooms and suites, drawing inspiration from the rich history of Victorian textile warehouses in the neighborhood.

In our collaboration with Clayton Hotel City of London, our contribution extended beyond just doors; we provided a bespoke solution with a focus on both functionality and aesthetics. The interior riser doors, crafted from high-quality metal, were designed to seamlessly integrate with the contemporary aesthetic of the hotel. These concealed riser doors not only met the stringent functional requirements but also added an element of sophistication to the interior design.

The use of metal in the riser doors not only ensures durability but also contributes to the overall modern and industrial feel, echoing the historic charm of the Victorian textile warehouses that inspired the hotel’s design. The concealed nature of these doors allows them to blend harmoniously into the surrounding architecture, maintaining a clean and uncluttered look.

Additionally, our supply included sliding pocket doors featuring elegant glass panels framed with metal. This strategic use of sliding doors enhances the overall design by creating a sense of openness and fluidity within the space. The combination of glass and metal not only adds a touch of luxury but also allows natural light to filter through, creating a bright and welcoming ambiance.

These sliding pocket doors serve as functional yet stylish partitions, offering flexibility in defining spaces within the hotel. The interplay of glass and metal aligns perfectly with the contemporary and chic theme of the interior design, contributing to a visually striking and cohesive aesthetic.

In summary, our bespoke metal riser doors and sliding pocket doors with glass and metal frames played a pivotal role in elevating the design and functionality of Clayton Hotel City of London, seamlessly blending innovation, durability, and aesthetic appeal.


Aldgate, London



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