The Carlton Tower

A transformation like no other.

Back in 1961, this hotel claimed the title of ‘Tallest Hotel in London’ spanning across 18 floors but now its been vastly beaten by The Shard at 73 floors.

However, that won’t stop The Carlton Tower, Jumeirah from undergoing a £100 million renovation, lasting nearly 2 years. The Hotel changed the entire interior but left the exterior untouched. All areas were remodeled with a new foyer, reception, Italian restaurant, health club, and a naturally lit swimming pool. The rooms and suites were reduced by 30, from 216 to 186, to allow for bigger and better accommodations for guests, enticing longer stays.


Due to the extensive nature of the refurbishment, it came with its own set of challenges. This was a big project, but added to the fact that it’s an old building, lead to the discovery of things that the team were unaware of, creating extra hurdles and more time. The works also took place during covid which delayed the construction due to supply issues and lockdown and even after the construction was complete, covid still took its toll on the company when they struggled to hire more staff and even find guests to stay because of the limitations on travel.


The Carlton Tower needed bespoke riser doors with wallpaper to match what was on the walls in the corridors which we were able to provide them with after extensive testing, as is the case for all our products. The subtle nature of the concealed riser doors allows them to seamlessly blend in with the surroundings for a flush look making them hardly noticeable.

The interior design was carried out by 1508 London, bringing pops of colour, and soft, curved edges to the original clean, modernist style. The hotel features a mix of traditional and modern interiors with architraves, and panel detailing, and a touch of Scandinavian modern furniture.


Situated in the heart of Knightsbridge, guests will be surrounded by luxury in every way. Just a stones throw away from the iconic Harrods Department Store and Sloane Street, which holds some of the worlds most luxurious brands like Prada, Armani, and Cartier.


Knightsbridge, London




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