Fulham Gasworks

Mixed-use development created from a redundant gasworks site turning it into a high profile quarter in London.

In the vibrant heart of Fulham, a groundbreaking mixed-use development has revitalized a once-redundant gas works site, giving rise to a high-quality urban quarter. This ambitious project boasts nearly 2000 new homes distributed across 15 buildings, reaching heights of up to 37 storeys. Beyond residences, the development incorporates a variety of complimentary uses, fostering a dynamic and inclusive urban community.

Our involvement in the Fulham Gasworks redevelopment focused on a key aspect of functionality and safety within the expansive development—supplying and fitting metal riser doors. With safety and aesthetics at the forefront, these fire-rated doors seamlessly integrate into the architectural landscape, ensuring compliance with the highest standards.

The challenge lay in harmonizing essential utility elements with the aesthetic vision of the redevelopment. Our team provided bespoke metal riser doors strategically positioned within the development. Crafted for both durability and fire resistance, these doors serve a dual purpose: ensuring safety compliance and contributing to the overall modern and sophisticated atmosphere of Fulham Gasworks.

The metal riser doors, meticulously selected for their fire-rated properties, play a vital role in the safety infrastructure of the development. Beyond their functional significance, these doors seamlessly blend into the architectural tapestry, adding an element of sleek modernity to the urban quarter. The result is a harmonious integration of safety measures without compromising on the aesthetic vision of the Fulham Gasworks redevelopment.

At the heart of the masterplan, a new square and urban park have been created, enhancing the setting for Grade-II listed buildings, a war memorial, and the Grade-II* listed Gasholder No. 2. The metal riser doors contribute to the overall safety and functionality of these communal spaces, ensuring that safety measures are discreetly woven into the fabric of daily life within the development.





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