Infiniti Showroom, Reading

Consultant EC Harris has completed work on the first Infiniti car dealership in the UK. The firm provided project management, cost management and CDMC services on the showroom located on the A33 gateway to Reading.

Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury arm. The marque, which has been enjoying success in the US for nearly 20 years, has been introduced to the UK market following a successful European launch last year.

The showroom interiors take inspiration from luxury hotel design, featuring a lobby, lounge and a gallery that can accommodate at least six cars, exhibited like individual sculptures.

In terms of the doors themselves, we worked with the architect  to select the Arriva. This choice allowed us to create designs that worked perfectly for their use and allow the design to flow throughout their showroom. The Arriva stands out as an exceptionally versatile doorset featuring an outward-opening action. When positioned in front of the concealed flush side, the door gracefully swings open towards you, adding to its user-friendly and adaptable design.





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