Roca London Gallery

This showroom is not your average showroom. As well as being a place to showcase their bathroom products, it’s also used as a meeting place for architects and designers alike to come together to share and exchange knowledge and insights. The Roca Gallery, London, also hosts exhibitions and events around a variety of topics including architecture, design, and sustainability.

Roca is a bathroom manufacturer and supplier that originally started out selling cast iron radiators in 1917. The first Roca Gallery was opened in 2009 in Barcelona and is what they call their ‘commitment to society’ providing a ‘brand experience’ like no other. Other galleries around the world include Madrid, Lisbon, Shanghai and Beijing – with each one individually designed to suit the cultural and historic surroundings.

Roca London Gallery Exterior

The Roca London Gallery was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and is full of rich history and innovative culture throughout it’s 1100m2 floor space. A prominent theme of the design is the movement of water with ripples on the façade and a sculpted interior. There’s over 200 unique concrete panels and 1209 bespoke porcelain floor tiles which meant that our access panels also needed to be bespoke to compliment this design.

Our concealed frame doors, Arriva & Innova were essential to the design, in order to create a smooth, undisturbed flow throughout the space. The doors also feature bespoke designs, such as curved cut-outs in the doors for the handle, mirroring the curved design that can be seen across the project. The Via access panels were also required to be bespoke, with some needing to be abstract shapes, while others had to fit with the curvature of the wall.




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