The Avenue

This exemplary development inserts 76 new homes into a conservation area in a historic market town and preserves a lime-tree avenue and a listed water tower, creating a beautiful setting for popular homes. In addition to large detached houses, it includes affordable family houses and smaller homes for the over-55 market. Saffron Walden is one of England’s most beautiful market towns and the design of ‘The Avenue’ uses this existing context to brilliant effect.

In this development Arriva and Enigma were used. Arriva stands out as an exceptionally versatile doorset featuring an outward-opening action. When positioned in front of the concealed flush side, the door gracefully swings open towards you, adding to its user-friendly and adaptable design.

Enigma Pocket Doors are recognised space savers and allow the occupiers to use the full footprint of the rooms where they are installed. A conventional door will need a radius of around three feet to open which means around 10 square foot of space needs to be kept free for the door to function. This is all space that could be used for something else.


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