The Lost Property Hotel

A traditional hotel located in an iconic location.

A traditional hotel, in the heart of St Pauls, one of Londons most iconic locations.

Nestled in the heart of London, Lost Property Hotel stands as a unique retreat near St. Paul’s Cathedral, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the art of eccentric living. With 145 rooms exquisitely designed with a modern flair, alongside a restaurant, bar, and coffee house, Lost Property promises a distinctive experience for travel enthusiasts seeking a memorable escape. The hotel’s central location offers convenient access to London’s iconic landmarks, including the Tate Modern, London Bridge, and Tower Bridge.

Our team supplied bespoke riser doors strategically placed within the corridors. These doors serve a dual purpose – facilitating access to essential utility spaces while seamlessly blending into the overall design. The riser doors were carefully selected for their fire-resistant properties, ensuring compliance with safety standards without compromising on the hotel’s artistic vision.

The key innovation lies in the wallpapering of the riser doors. The doors were expertly covered with wallpaper matching the surrounding area, effectively concealing their utilitarian function within the artistic tapestry of the hotel. This meticulous integration ensures that the riser doors become an inconspicuous part of the corridor, maintaining the immersive atmosphere Lost Property Hotel strives to create.


St Pauls, London




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