University Arms Hotel

Elevating Luxury Living at University Arms, Cambridge

University Arms, Cambridge, a quintessentially British hotel, embarked on a transformative journey to redefine luxury and sophistication in its 189 rooms and suites. As part of this ambitious project, Selo Doors was entrusted to supply bespoke riser doors, seamlessly blending classic Edwardian interiors with modern aesthetics while meeting stringent fire-rated and concealed requirements.

Selo Doors took on the challenge of providing bespoke riser doors tailored to the unique requirements of University Arms. The emphasis on customization ensured that the riser door sets seamlessly integrated into the overall design, offering a concealed and flush appearance. The metal riser doors were crafted with precision, aligning with the hotel’s commitment to quality and aesthetic excellence.

Recognizing the critical role of fire safety in a luxury hospitality setting, the bespoke riser doors supplied by Selo Doors were meticulously engineered to meet rigorous fire-rated standards. This not only prioritized the safety of occupants but also underscored the commitment to compliance with industry regulations.

The collaboration between University Arms, Cambridge, and Selo Doors resulted in the creation of a luxurious haven where bespoke riser doors play a pivotal role in elevating the overall aesthetic and safety standards. The fusion of British elegance, bespoke craftsmanship, and fire-rated excellence underscores the commitment to offering guests a memorable and secure stay. This case study serves as a testament to the seamless integration of bespoke riser doors in a prestigious hospitality setting, where attention to detail and quality craftsmanship are paramount.





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R G Carter

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