Victoria Chambers

Victoria Chambers is nestled in the heart of Westminster, offering a taste of quintessential London Life within a wider neighbourhood of political and royal grandeur characterised by the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. This mainly pedestrianised cobbled street hosts a vibrant weekday market and is home to the newly revitalised Victoria Chambers – previously office suites, now refurbished and returned to their original residential purpose.

Step inside and be amazed at the light that permeates through these revitalised spaces. Superb planning has maximised the living areas and ceilings have been enhanced to draw attention to their impressive heights. The feeling is contemporary chic, yet remains a sense of tradition with some fine period detailing. The interiors have been designed with the charm of the building’s street in mind, from making features of the loft like windows, to the chevron patterned tiling mimicking the cobbled street. The overall look and feel has great charisma, in keeping with its environment.

Selo played a key part in this development as both Arriva and Enigma doors were installed. Arriva stands out as an exceptionally versatile doorset featuring an outward-opening action. When positioned in front of the concealed flush side, the door gracefully swings open towards you, adding to its user-friendly and adaptable design.

Enigma Pocket Doors are recognised space savers and allow the occupiers to use the full footprint of the rooms where they are installed. A conventional door will need a radius of around three feet to open which means around 10 square foot of space needs to be kept free for the door to function. This is all space that could be used for something else.


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