Metal over Timber | When & Why?

Metal over Timber | When & Why?
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The RIDA advantage of E30Sa (FD30) Metal Riser Doors

In the world of building safety and compliance, the choice of materials and construction is paramount. The evolution from traditional timber doors to new E30Sa (FD30) metal riser doors is reshaping the industry landscape. Bid farewell to concerns about warping or bowing timber doors —Rida E30Sa (FD30) riser doors provide a robust and reliable solution, meeting regulatory standards while elevating building safety to new heights.

Stay Compliant with Rida FD30 Metal Riser Doors

Timber doors have long been plagued by issues such as warping or twisting over time, jeopardising the structural integrity and safety of buildings. Rida E30Sa (FD30) metal riser doors address these concerns, ensuring steadfast compliance. Say goodbye to the challenges posed by short-lived timber doors and welcome the durability and reliability of metal riser doors.

Constructed with Non-Combustible Materials

Prioritising safety is non-negotiable, particularly in buildings where fire resistance is crucial. Rida E30Sa (FD30) metal riser doors are crafted using non-combustible materials, significantly reducing the risk of non-compliant installations. This construction not only enhances fire resistance but also contributes to the overall safety of the building, offering peace of mind to architects, builders, and occupants alike.

Affordability without Compromise

Contrary to common assumptions, upgrading to metal riser doors does not come at a premium with Rida. These innovative E30Sa (FD30) metal riser doors are available within the same price range as traditional timber doors, making the transition to enhanced safety and durability a cost-effective choice. Now, investing in the longevity and reliability of metal doors is within budgetary reach.


Rida FD30 Metal Riser Doors: Features and Benefits

  • Acoustic Attenuation

Rida E30Sa (FD30) metal riser doors reliable not only in fire resistance but also in acoustic attenuation. With options for both single and double configurations, these doors provide a quieter and more comfortable environment within the building. Enjoy a calm atmosphere without compromising on safety.

  • Pre-Hung single doors, Pre-Finished Steel Doorset

The convenience of installation is a hallmark feature of Rida E30Sa (FD30) metal riser door. They come pre-hung and pre-finished, streamlining the installation process, and saving valuable time. This user-friendly approach ensures that the doors can be seamlessly integrated into any building project.

  • Quick and easy concealed quick-release pivot for double doors, Pre-Finished Steel Doorset

The unique pivot system provides a very simple and quick solution while remaining fully concealed. The ‘dog-leg’ pivot pin guide makes installation a safer and more secure process. When installing the door, push the pivot pin all the way to the top of the slot. Once in position, the pin is effectively locked.

  • Easy demountable when you need it

Effortlessly remove riser doors with the quick and concealed pivot system. Ideal for gaining full access when needed. The ‘dog-leg’ pivot pin guide ensures a safe and secure deinstallation process. Simply push the pivot pin to the top of the slot, and the door is effectively unlocked.

  • Factory-Fitted Fire Stopping Option

Enhance building safety further with the option for factory-fitted fire stopping. This additional feature not only simplifies the installation process but also ensures that all components work seamlessly together, maximising the effectiveness of the E30Sa (FD30) fire resistance.

Rida E30Sa (FD30) metal riser doors mark a significant leap forward in building safety and compliance. The non-combustible construction, resistance to warping, and affordability, these doors offer a compelling alternative to traditional timber doors.


Elevate your building’s safety without compromise, choose Rida E30Sa (FD30) metal riser doors – your secure and durable solution.