Quench | Fire-stopping Protection

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    E120 Fire Rated

Factory fitted intumescent, designed to mitigate risk and non-compliance

Our metal riser doorsets now have the option to have the Quench® fire-stopping material already fixed into place. An industry-first, patented solution.

What is Quench?

Quench® is a factory-fitted fire-stopping material that is applied to the frame during production. There’s no need for intumescent mastic to be applied on-site, saving your contractors time and mitigating risk and non-compliance. Simply fit and forget! Quench® has been rigorously tested by UKAS-accredited test laboratories, to achieve an E120 fire resistance rating when used in conjunction with Selo’s Quadra+ riser door system.

✔ No On-site Labour Required  ✔ Assurance of Compliance  ✔ Reduced Risk

Fail-proof installations

Quench® also removes the final element of labour-dependent workmanship, a truly complete pre-assembled door set. The door set is 100% pre-assembled making it a risk-free solution, mitigating risk from an installation perspective. Installation is simple, the only tools required are a cordless-drill driver, a level and screws.

Quench® saves you time in the overall installation process.

Fire-stopping protection Patent-pending design

The Quench® Fire-stopping system is pre-installed within the frame of the doorset. Once installed, Quench® is no longer visible but it remains active behind the frame, providing protection for the life of the doorset.

Tested & Certified Fire-rated up to E120

Tested by UKAS-accredited test laboratories to achieve an E120 fire resistance rating when used in conjunction with Selo’s Quadra+ Riser Door system. Read more about our commitment to Fire Safety from our Technical Director; Jeff Jones in his Blog post

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