Overview Brochure Featuring Quadra+

Overview Brochure Featuring Quadra+
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Since 2007 Selo has provided simple and elegant doorset solutions to the construction industry; simplifying traditional building methods and creating beautiful contemporary interiors. 2020 has seen an array of new products and system updates from Selo; catch-up on all the latest developments in our updated overview brochure.

Quadra+ Riser Door System Updates

The No.1 riser door in the world!

Stronger Frame

Strengthened frame profile with an increased perforated flange for better fixing and increased durability.



New Pivot-hinge

A completely new and improved pivot-hinge mechanism for easier fitting and removal.



Pre-intumesced Frame Option – The new Standard for Fire Protection

Quadra+ can now be provided with the fireproofing material preinstalled for complete peace of mind for specifiers, installers and owners.


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The range of Selo innovative products includes:



Concealed Frame Doorsets
For minimalist contemporary interiors




Riser Doorset Systems
Conceal unsightly riser doors within a range of interior finishes




AOVs & Access Panels
Concealed frame ventilation and access panels



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