Quadra Frame Adjusters Explained

Quadra Frame Adjusters Explained
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Life just got a whole lot simpler with Selo Adjustable Frame!



Frame bolts.

Have you ever thought that maybe it would be nice to be able to install the Quadra+ riser door frame even quicker and a little simpler? Well, here you have it:

Screw-operated adjuster bolts that allow for a simpler and more secure Quadra frame installation.



Previously: insert packers, screw through frame, adjust quantity and thickness of packers to get the correct position, cut packers flush.

Now: screw to the desired position, then fix a screw straight through to secure it.

Here are just some of the major advantages of using the adjuster bolts:

  1. They make frame positioning simple once the doorset is in the opening.
  2. They have a 10mm limit to provide a physical indication if the gaps are fire compliant.
  3. Each bolt can be individually adjusted to allow for lining undulation.
  4. They make it easier when risers are tight for space.
  5. Access isn’t required behind the frame when used in conjunction with Quench.
  6. You can secure its place properly when you fix a screw straight through the middle into the lining.
  7. And of course, it eliminates the need for plastic packers, which makes it highly sustainable. ♻

To watch the Accurate Adjustable Frame bolts in action, click here