The UGLY TRUTH about Timber Temporary Fire Doors

The UGLY TRUTH about Timber Temporary Fire Doors
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Find out what really happens to Timber Temporary Fire Doors and why now might be the time for you to move to Tempus.



Timber doors can face huge challenges from wind and rain during projects, which causes them to become twisted, warped, and therefore non-compliant.

When the door closes under the self-closer, it doesn’t close flush with the door frame as would be expected of it normally.

Non-compliance can also occur on the face of the doors if there is delamination or other damage. If there are then attempts to correct this, it is likely to be with non-compliant screws.

If the door hinges start to fail it causes the door to drop which in turn creates widening gaps between the door and the frame itself, obviously leading to a non-compliant door.



However, we have a solution for all this…





Tempus is designed to withstand the conditions of a construction site whilst still maintaining compliance at all times.

It is constructed from heavy-duty steel with a mineral wool core and is fire rated to 60 minutes.

It has extremely durable hinges, among other features, and it’s also sustainable as it is a self-contained, pre-hung unit that can be reused time and time again on multiple projects!